BAYKO Product Details - 1935 to 1939?
Ornamental Additions Sets

BAYKO, at this time, was made throughout from BAKELITE...
'New Series' era version of an Ornamental Additions Set C
From early 1935 until the war, 3 BAYKO Ornamental Additions Sets [A, B & C] were available.
Production of these three sets ran in parallel with all the main stream production periods of the 1930s, as far as I know, right up to the war, though there is no mention of them in any BAYKO literature printed after 1938.
There is, however, strong evidence that they did indeed overlap [in toyshops if not in actual production] with the 'New Series' sets, which were launched in 1939.
The proof is the Ornamental Additions Set C [right] which comprises mainly 'New Series' parts, compare the appearance with the earlier Set C [below, left].
Ornamental Additions Set C
These sets saw the introduction of 4 new parts : -
Note the earlier, darker Green Arch and the darker Red Pillars in the Set B [below]...

...c.f. the later, lighter colour ones in the Set C [left]...

...and the even later, lighter colour Green Roofs in the Set C [above]
3-Brick Pillars.
Wall Cappings - 3 Hole.
Wall Cappings - 6 Hole.
Wall Cappings - 9 Hole.
The red 3-Brick Pillars and green and white Arches are 'highly collectable' colour variants which were also introduced in these sets...
...the latter being unique to them.
The 'Oak' Arches, Bricks and Full Corner Bricks and the mottled green Large and Small Roofs were, similarly, first introduced in these sets, just pre-dating the #6 set.
No models could be built just using these sets - not least because they didn't contain any Bases or Rods!
Ornamental Additions Set B
The Ornamental Additions sets, as the name suggests, were intended to supplement the mainstream sets, increasing the variety of possible models.
Plimpton must have regarded these sets as a success because when, in 1938, they introduced a new range of parts, they did so via a new range of special addition sets - #20 to #23 - mirroring the Ornamental Additions Sets in many ways.
Ornamental Additions Set A
The actual colour of the contents varied over the life of these sets, reflecting the changes as they occurred in the mainstream sets.
There is evidence that, at least in the earlier sets, the individual pieces were sewn onto cards which improved their presentation.
The boxes containing these sets were unique in being neither blue nor red, but had a strange, brown, mottled pattern.
A quick glance at the Ornamental Additions Set A to the left shows that it has comparatively few parts compared with its big brothers...
...however, the fact that the box would hold very few parts meant that it was of little use to children for storing their BAYKO and so few of these have survived.
Uniquely, the Ornamental Additions Sets did not include an instruction manual - yes, I know, conversion sets usually didn't either...
They were, however, first mentioned in the second style of BAYKO manual...
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