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Well, I've been asked to add a few personal details to the website, so here goes. This is a simple(!), potted [potty?] history, to give you some information on your illustrious webmaster.
What a cutie!!! - Me at age 2
April 5th, 1950 : - I was born in Blackburn, Lancashire in Northwest England.
1954 : - I began to attend Saint James' Church of England primary school in Blackburn.
My first girlfriend was Lynne. She had a red cardigan! I was 4 years old at the time!
Christmas 1956 : - At the ripe old age of 6, I received my first BAYKO #2 set and the addiction began.
1961 : - I walked 3 miles [5K] a day, [yes we walked in those days!], for the next 6 years, across [and back!] Corporation Park to Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Blackburn [always known as QEGS] - a spell that included the school's quatercentenary…
…that's posh for its 400th Birthday!
August 1964 : - I went with Dave Watt, a neighbour who, coincidentally, was staying in the same hotel, to see [and hear!] the Beatles while on holiday in Llandudno, in North Wales…
…I've still got both the programme and my ticket…
…I may be open to an offer‽
Somehow during this period, perhaps in the mistaken belief that I was growing up, I discovered these strange things called girls and stopped playing with my BAYKO
…I know, I can't believe it either!
October 1967 : - I left school and worked for a year with the Central Electricity Generating Board in London as a computer programmer - yes they had computers even then!
Me now!
June 1971 : - I graduated from Durham University [England's 3rd oldest] in Northeast England. If you are interested, I was at Grey College, if you're not, I was still at Grey College!
October 1971 : - I joined Littlewoods, the retailer, and worked for them, for 5½ years, in Gateshead, Glasgow, Islington (London), Kirkby (Liverpool), Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Oldham, Stockton and Sunderland stores and finally in the Liverpool H.Q., which, being on Old Hall Street, is very close to the Plimpton era BAYKO factory sites, one of which, though long gone, was actually on Old Hall Street.
1975 : - I resumed the one true religion [BAYKO of course!] while enduring a severe bout of Laryngitis…
April 1977 : - I joined KELLOGG's and worked for them ever since, in the Manchester and Wrexham factories then, more recently, in the one time European H.Q. in Manchester.
I travelled regularly to our European Plants in Bremen (Germany) and Valls (Spain) and our U.S. Head Office (Battle Creek, MI) - occasionally, I even got to Springs (near Johannesberg, in South Africa). I also visited Svendborg (Denmark), Lancaster (Pennsylvania), Omaha (Nebraska) and London (Ontario).
February 2nd, 1980 : - I got married to Diana [née Ashworth], a Wrexham lass, but of Lancastrian stock - we've no kids.
March 1986 : - We moved to a lovely new [to us] home in sunny Macclesfield, Cheshire.
June 30th, 2005 : - I retired - Yiippppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I actually spent my last couple of working days in Spain, so started my retirement with a short holiday there. For those of you who have any doubts - don't - retirement is wonderful, I'd do it again if I could!!!
May 28th, 2007 : - I moved to Congleton, still in sunny Cheshire.
2012 : - I joined the U3A [in Congleton] - a very good move, which I can't recommend highly enough.
2013 : - Sadly, I am now divorced.
I'm a member of the National Trust and English Heritage and often combine jaunts to Toy Fairs with visits to local places of historical interest.
2016 : - I played my first game of Bridge for Congleton - we lost - but we won the South Cheshire Bridge league for 2018-2019!
Balcony parts
1998 : - I played a significant role in identifying BAYKO's 'Holy Grail'.
This was, perhaps, the key event in my BAYKO collecting career - sad, but true!!!
The pieces in question - the Balcony Pieces [right].
If you'd like to read the full story…

Apart from BAYKO, I'm interested [in alphabetical order] in : -
Ancient history
Armchair sport
Chinese food
Indian Food
Model buses & trams
Model Railways
Real ale
Red wine
Sports Grounds
Table Tennis
Tall Buildings
Thai food
I'm pleased to say that this list is still expanding - isn't retirement wonderful ‽

PLUS : -
Blackburn Rovers badge
The increasingly frustrating antics of the world's finest football club
Blackburn Rovers badge
B L A C K B U R N   R O V E R S !
Worthington Cup Winners - 2001 / 2002
English Premier League Champions - 1994 / 1995
First Division Champions - 1911 / 1912, 1913 / 1914
F. A. Cup Winners - 1884, 1885, 1886, 1890, 1891, 1928
Blackburn Rovers Corner Flag
Blackburn Rovers Corner Flag
For winning the F.A. Cup three seasons in succession
Blackburn Rovers were granted the unique privilege of
being permitted to put the club badge on their corner flags!
Impressive eh‽
Blackburn Town Motto
Blackburn Town Motto
It means “Through Skill and Hard Work”.
As well as being the motto of BLACKBURN ROVERS,
it is also the motto of the town of BLACKBURN itself,
Imagine - a Football Club with a Latin Motto.
As a complete non-sequitur, a friend once told me that one thing he noticed when Blackburn Rovers made one of their earliest 'Match of the Day' appearances, at Ewood Park, was unique in his experience. When a player makes a decent shot on goal that screams just past the post, or just over the bar, most crowds shout oooooohhh!!!…
…at Ewood, the crowd shouted eeeeeehhh!!!

If you'd like to find out more about Blackburn Rovers [and who wouldn't‽]…
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