My BAYKO Collection

My Ornamental Additions Set A
Some people when the collect are very specific in there addiction, although I am a BAYKOholic, I am very promiscuous in that I collect anything and everything to do with BAYKO.
Firstly the obvious : -
I collect boxed BAYKO sets (mint preferably) and would like to own at least one of each size and variation - but then, who wouldn't?
When I attend exhibitions, these sets make a popular part of the display - often striking a nostalgic note with the visitors, and helping them off down memory lane with yours truly.
Secondly, I'm just a big kid at heart - I play with it : -
My second large model - Saint BAYKO Cathedral
Most of the BAYKO I buy comes in job lots, which I clean up and play with.
I particularly enjoy building large models and have found a source of 1 or 2-metre long, correct gauge, replica BAYKO rods, which are ideal.
Mixed packaging.
The third string to my BAYKO bow is packaging : -
I collect both wholesale packaging, [used by Plimpton or MECCANO to supply retailers] and retail display packaging, [used to sell direct to the public].
As well as the obvious BAYKO aspect to this, I also find it interesting to see how packaging evolved over the middle third of the last century.
The next area is BAYKO Retail Cabinets : -
BAYKO Retail Cabinet
Plimpton used both wooden Cabinets and various styles of cheaper, cardboard Cabinets. However, these weren't strong enough, especially in busy shops, despite the fact that several styles were tried.
MECCANO reintroduced wooden Cabinets, doubtless, learning from their previous experiences with their own product range.
Mix of BAYKO paperwork - in this case set manuals
My penultimate(!) section is paperwork : -
I collect everything from mail, via product fliers, to display materials.
Not the sexiest part of the collection - but to an obsessive…!!!
I also seem to be accumulating BAYKO adverts and articles. Photos of displays at major Toy Fairs or more recent exhibitions are also of interest.
The last section is export related materials : -
Export price lists
In the 1950s, up to 35% of BAYKO's production was exported.
This was standard product...
...but was supported by a variety of export literature...
...most of which were copies or translations of the U.K. equivalent.
Well that about sums it up - I've written this page in such a way that you can use it as an alternative way of navigating round the 'collectable' parts of the site - hope it helps.
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