BAYKO in Local Toyshops

I'm not sure if I can tell you anything about U.K. Toyshops which you don't already now, but it's worth remembering that things were very different in the middle third of the last century, when BAYKO ruled!
There were no national or international toy store chains worthy of the name.  Most major department stores had a toy department, but these only made up a relatively small percentage of the total number of some 3,000 U.K. outlets. The rest were locally owned and run by individuals, not corporations.
My personal Mecca was 'The Pram Shop' on the edge of Blackburn's town centre which was my pocket money's equivalent of a black hole - fatally attractive with no possibility of escaping! I'm sure you have similar memories, even if you're not from the BAYKO era.
Remember, there was no point of sale electronic wizardry, everything was very basic, with pencil and paper and mechanical tills being the technological limit.
I'll include a range of things from local toyshops in this section, and, of course, I'd love to add more, so...
There is an obvious tie in here with the adverts which appeared in local newspapers...
Evington's of Grimsby
Invoice from Evington's of Grimsby dated 11th October, 1956 Page 27
Invoice from Evington's of Grimsby dated 11th October, 1956 Page 28
Page 27 Page 28
I think these pieces of paper speak for themselves - a young collector has done serious damage to his accumulated pocket and birthday money, to the tune of £2/3/- [£2.15], which was no small sum in those heady days.
It may just be me, but I find this formal, pencil-and-paper approach to serving the young collector to be so very evocative. Perhaps the availability of "BABY CARRIAGES" eflects my personal visits to 'The Pram Shop', whatever it is, I love these and the times they recall. The attribution "SOLD BY 6" and the three-unit address both suggest that this was a fairly large shop.
The only thing I struggle with - the penultimate line on the page 27 [left] - what are "billers"?
185 mm x 103 mm = 7.25 x 4.1 inches
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