BAYKO in Littlewoods Catalogues

Littlewoods was, for many years, the U.K.'s largest mail order business.
It was founded by John Moores [who had the pleasure of meeting me on several occasions] on the back of his Football Pools business, taking advantage of its most valuable asset...
...the names and addresses of people who were regular payers!
BAYKO appeared in three autumn / winter catalogues - 1957, 1958 and 1959 - and may have appeared in other years...
...though certainly not in the 1950s or 1960s.
I know this because I've only found BAYKO entries in the British Library, St Pancras, for those three years from the two decades...
...sadly their records are held on coloured Microfiche and, they are incapable of providing images from them, and are unwilling to explore any options.
To be even handed with my frustration, I've also failed to get information from the company that now operates the catalogues, indeed they don't even reply to my contacts...
...this is particularly galling as I worked for Littlewoods, in the 1970s, and know what their service ethic used to be!
Autumn / Winter, 1959
Page 281 of Littlewoods 1959 Autumn/Winter Catalogue
This image comes from a C.D. containing images from three different Littlewoods Catalogues that I picked up on Ebay.
Click on the image above for a larger view of the BAYKO section.
If you can help provide details of any other BAYKO entries then I'd love to hear from you...
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