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Without doubt, BAYKO was a successful product, sold in many countries for most of its 30 years of active life. Elsewhere most of the emphasis under the general umbrella heading of 'Sales and Marketing' has been on advertising and similar ideas. This section, which I will continue to expand when I can, focuses on the efforts of retailers, both shops and mail order, to bring BAYKO to the attention of the British toy-buying public.
Having said that, judging by the first few examples I've come across, I'm sure both Plimpton and MECCANO supported these efforts, not least by the regular provision of their artwork.

Cavendish House, Cheltenham, Early 1930s

The Toy Department at Cavendish House, Cheltenham from the early 1930s
Glasgow University Archive - GB 0248 HF 12/9/10
There is definitely an element of pure self indulgence about the inclusion of this particular picture - it's simply that I like it!
To be slightly more professional, this picture includes absolutely no BAYKO at all, but gives a rare glimpse of the toy department of a substantial Department Store [Cavendish House, Cheltenham - part of the House of Fraser Group] into which BAYKO was so successfully launched shortly afterwards.
This image is shown courtesy of the Glasgow University Archives.

Hamleys Catalogue 1935 / 1936

Front cover of the Hamley's catalogue 1935 1936
Another piece of self indulgence, but there's slightly more excuse with this one - a lovely example of an early Hamleys Catalogue cover, shown courtesy of Mick Burgess. The original does contain BAYKO this time…

Unsurprisingly, relatively little detailed information on BAYKO has survived…
…remember that BAYKO would have been a relatively modest line even in a toy shop.
Most of the information which has survived is in the form of assorted catalogues used by the various retail organisations, indeed, the distinction between retail stores and mail order was blurred as so many of the large, successful retailers also produced catalogues. Sometimes this was a key arm of the business, and sometimes merely a 'taster' for 'the in store experience' as today's marketeers might say.

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